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Off-Season Doesn’t Have To Mean No Sports Talk Anymore

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With the off-season now in full effect, Sportswriters and sports talk show hosts are facing a strange existential crisis in the workplace. All the variegated storylines and the hot takes have lost major momentum.

The off-season period is often a mental challenge for sports geeks. And logically, a huge chunk of the void can be rightfully attributed to the drop-in sports, in arenas, and on television sets.

Offseason cobwebs are often hard to shake off. That calendar window, when a particular sport takes a timeout for itself, is received differently by sports fans across the world.

While the plummet in live-streaming due to the time-off is driving many crazy, there is always a ray of hope one can latch on to. Frankly speaking, during the off-season, all a sports lover really wants is to have somewhere that they can go and discuss their favorite players, the teams they’re rooting for, and what they hope to see will happen in the field in the coming months.

Sports have always provided us with a multitude of emotions as well as statistics at the same time. And the latter is what steers the ship during a slackened offseason period like the present.

Despite the off-season in full force, there is still ample to talk about for sports pundits apparently. Much of the headliners, who are blazing a trail through engaging podcasts, are listed here.

So let’s dive in.


Hosted by Dan Thomas, the ESPN FC podcast crew includes former Venezuelan footballer Alejandro Moreno, Scottish expert Craig Burkley, former French footballer, and 1998 FIFA World Cup winner Frank LeBoeuf and retired American soccer player Herculez Gomez, among other analysts.


The TV show migrated to subscription-based ESPN+ in 2018, but the podcasts are available on all major platforms.

This well-assembled crew breaks down all the happenings of the football universe vividly and does so with a vintage flair. Including the best of the best, this group puts forth a unique outlook for anything football.

The ESPN FC crew serves up at least a couple of episodes per day, keeping you wanting more.

Golic and Wingo


The daily radio show by ESPN is hosted by former National Football League defensive lineman Mike Golic and Radio and TV host Trey Wingo.

After separating from the show’s former co-host Mike Greenberg, Golic partnered with Wingo and has grown the audience even more as of late. Together, this one-two punch is a must-listen amalgamation for sports lovers.

Greenberg went on to host ESPN’s daily morning show Get Up! and from the end of a saga in Mike and Mike, fans received a boon in the Golic and Wingo podcast.

And who would’ve thought this show would exceed all expectations as well!

Much to the respite of fans going through the offseason slump, this pairing is one of the few sports crews who keep conjuring compulsive plots regularly to keep the average listener hooked.

The Woj Pod


Adrian Wojnarowski has been the pulse of the NBA (National Basketball Association) for quite a while now. His Woj bombs have made a seismic reputation for themselves, and his reporting credibility is off the charts.

With most episodes under 45 minutes, this podcast is a delicious treat for any NBA fan willing to get the latest scoop. It is packed with insider knowledge and often hosts major superstars, team owners, coaches, and basketball experts.

Adrian Wojnarowski has been churning out interesting takes regularly. Coupled with an unmatched lineup of guests, his analysis of all that the NBA stands for, is pure gold.

This deserves to be the bonafide information consumption channel for any NBA fan across the world.

The Bill Simmons Podcast


Former ESPN sports analyst, Bill Simmons, hosts the most informative and entertaining podcast currently. And he does it with his cousin Sal and old college friend Joe House, amidst a plethora of esteemed guests.

Apparently, it has resulted in the most downloaded sports podcast of all time.

Although Bill Simmons pod is released once every two to three days, it is always worth the wait. Creator of The Ringer Sports network, Simmons has always had a great grip over the podcast landscape.

Be it ripples in the NBA, MLB, NFL, or any worthy story in sports, Simmons has his listeners covered in a charismatic, yet engaging manner. You can find his podcast on Spotify, Stitcher, and/or Apple Podcasts.

The Skip and Shannon: Undisputed


The pairing of a Three-time Super Bowl champion, Shannon Sharpe and perennial LeBron-hater, Skip Bayless, is anything but boring. Indeed, Undisputed is undisputedly Fox Sports’ crown jewel.

They duel over a wide range of sports topics, and their contrasting personalities make each argument a spectacle filled with all emotions.

Ranging from LeBron vs. Kawhi to Brady vs. Belichick, this show goes all out when it comes to fueling uncomfortable opinions. For sports fanatics who drool over GOAT debates, this show is the one-stop-shop.

Moreover, they often invite animated sports analysts like Nick Wright and Chris Boussard as well, who spice up the hot takes every now and then.

First Take


ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith is a legit emerging icon in the sportscasting industry. And there’s no debating that.

He has carved a place for himself amongst the sharks and is now one of the premier voices of sports in general. First, Take pits him up against Max Kellerman, who, at times, brings a somewhat-absurd zest with his notions.

They lighten it up with baby filters, laugh at the insanity of their own superstitions, but never back down from the most challenging debates in all of sports.

Players and coaches respect Stephen A. because the man does his job with utmost conviction, minus the disrespect. He is the heart of this show, and his high-pitched antics make up for must-see TV and a must-listen podcast.

To conclude

All in all, there might be several other enticing podcasts out there, but the aforementioned names hit the home-run when it comes to engaging sports content.

This well-assembled collection of sportscasters in your ears should keep your sports spirit kindling while you ride the off-season waves for now. But then again, nothing substitutes the adrenaline of live-action.

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