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Meet The Latest EnGenius PSL Pro Single Line Long Range Cordless Phone

Press Release

EuGenius PSL (pro single line) is the latest long-range cordless phone technology that utilizes a single-line system. It can also be used as an attachment on an existing Durafon Pro multi-line system incase an extra port is required. The EnGenius is compatible with Durafon Pro UHF cordless phones and any Durafon Pro system. It can not be used together with any Durafon 1X system and 1X cordless phones.

The product is developed by a well known wireless solution provider that has a strong and reliable background in development and research. It was manufactured to fill the communication gap in both big and small offices. EnGenius PSL long-range cordless phone offers wireless data and voice communication. Talk of voice clarity and secure call transfers – EnGenius PSL is the solution within the business wall and for many homes.

In environments that require a one-line system and long-distance coverage, the EnGenius PSL can stand as a reliable single line system in such an area. Unlike many other single-line systems, the Engenius pro single line can cover a broader range without much stress. The installation process is simple and no need to hire an expert’s service to spend an extra fee.

Quality Features of EnGenius PSL Long Range Cordless Phone

The product EnGenius PSL has a wide variety of quality features that will make it trend even more than the next two decades in the market. These features are outstanding and surpass that of our competitors. Here are most of the features of the EnGenius PSL long-range cordless phone system.

  1. It has quality coverage, though this depends on the environment. In building, it can go up to 12 floors high and 250,000 on land area coverage, which is equivalent to 3,000 acres.
  2. The straight-line system has been tested to cover more than 5 miles.
  3. It can take up to 90 handsets or users per base unit.
  4. This is a walkie-talkie or a 2-way radio cordless phone that can operate without the base unit.
  5. It operates a single line per base unit or single port; however, if the user wants to attach more than a single line, the DuraFon PRO multi-system would be recommended.
  6. It is integrated with a low profile antenna that can not get damaged easily. The antenna can be stretched longer if there is a need to cover a more extended range.
  7. The phone can make a half-duplex voice paging all the phones connected to the base station.
  8. It has a programmable PBX function soft button.
  9. An auto attendant service with quick call redirect assistance.
  10. A spare battery is always on standby in case of a low battery issue.
  11. The cordless phone can stay up to about 50 hours of standby time and over 6 hours of talk time.
  12. It can hold a call and change batteries without hanging up on the caller. This is the quick swap feature.
  13. Any key can be set for answering, redial, hold, redial, and volume setting.
  14. If there is more than one base station, the user can take calls from any line.
  15. It has a unique caller ID and Call Waiting functions.
  16. An inbuilt 2.5 headset jack attachment
  17. On an incoming call, it gives a loud vibration, ringtone, or both depending on the setting made by the user.
  18. The cordless phone has a lightweight of about 6.2 ounces.

To get this product, the EnGenius PSL pro single line long-range cordless phone, it can be obtained from any authorized EnGenius PSL store. Enhance your company’s communication with this product and enjoy clarity within your business walls.

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