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Corporate World: Learning to Stay Humorous Without Going Flat

Press Release

Humor is a part of every human relationship. From the family that we are born into down to the friends we make and the colleagues we spend our time within the office – humor is much needed.

Being funny or having a sense of humor can move a company or brand from one level to another, from boring moments with clients to exciting and memorable ones. Blending work time with being comic can proof to be challenging at times.

However, there are methods and logic of bringing in humor into a brand or office activities. These are few tips on how you can do this without getting flat unless you want to make flat jokes for the dead laugh.

  1. Get Clever

Many individuals make a big mistake of thinking that the humor has to do with the moment when they got someone roaring with laughter or telling well-organized jokes. Most of the best act of humor in this setting has to do with being clever with how you pull your jokes. The joke can take the form of satire, puns, creative references that sounds cooler and not like you are doing a stand-up. Remember that your clients are not there with you to laugh but to discuss business. So, don’t force it, be clever, and bring it up intelligently. Make it more of a compliment that a force to laugh thing.

  1. Gather the energy

Yes, good energy is needed. Some times you might not feel that smart vibe within you. This should make you shy away from giving a trial. Humor has to do with risk-taking, experimenting, and creativity. They need more courage and energy that will finally burst into excitement. Developing a playful personality will also help to make this achievable.

  1. Select your target audience

When dealing with humor, it should be noted that everyone has a different sense of humor. Trying to make every love your joke is like going for a suicide mission. Not everyone will laugh at a joke. Even if they do not, they all have a different way of how the joke must have affected them. If you do your best to impress everyone, you might end up going flat, and this could be awful. Study your audience and know what could probably be funny to them. This might not be too convenient for you, but if your audience loves it then, drop it.

  1. Be spontaneous

You need to be original in all you do, even if you want to act like a popular comic character, always try to make it your content. By doing this, you will end up expanding your scope of instant comedy – physical humor. Don’t give too long narrations, no copy, and do it raw just as it comes. This will make you easily understood by your audience.

  1. Be time conscious

In everything, time is always a key factor. This is a common feature to consider if there must be any progress in an industry or business. Take your audience when they least expected that is the rule. When it hits them unexpectedly, they will be taken by surprise and will yield a positive response. Make your punchline smart and straight to the point; it will create smiles and delight in your listeners. Your joke can come by surprise without any single word attached to it.

No matter the method you decide to use, do your best to integrate humor naturally into your brand. There is nothing more heartbreaking than your joke falling flat with your audience. Experimenting is not a bad idea. Do some tests, and with a few trials, you will find your ground.

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