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Wine Cooler – everything you need to know before buying

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Having a private wine cellar with properly selected wine is the dream of many people. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford such luxuries, if only because of the lack of space. In this case, a wine cooler will be great, which will successfully replace the wine cellar. What model to choose and what to look for before buying? Here’s everything you need to know about these devices.

Wine enthusiasts know very well that this drink should be stored and served at the right temperature. Its exact value depends on the type of wine you have. Refrigerators are special devices that maintain a predetermined temperature, making them ideal for storing and cooling wine.

It is also worth checking how much the most popular best wine cooler cost today – the ranking we have provided below is constantly updated and presents the most desirable models on the market:

Wine cooler – free-standing and built-in

Like most home appliances, wine coolers come in two versions. We are talking about free-standing devices and those intended for building-in.

Free-standing wine coolers are slightly cheaper than built-in models. They are worth choosing when you do not care about design or plan to place it, e.g. in the pantry or basement. In this case, the appearance is less important.

If the refrigerator is to stand in the kitchen, the built-in version is an attractive option. Thanks to this, it will perfectly match the interior design and will be a kind of decoration. Filled with suitable liquors it will impress guests visiting us. It will also give the interior a more luxurious look. The built-in model can be completely hidden in the cabinet, if you do not want to display its contents.

What is the capacity of the wine cooler?

When choosing a suitable winch, you should pay attention primarily to its size. This is determined by the number of bottles of wine (with a standard capacity of 0.75 l) that will fit inside. The smallest models offer space for e.g. three bottles. It is a suitable proposition for people who consume this drink on a regular basis.

Wine connoisseurs will certainly be interested in larger refrigerators. Models for 6, 8, 12 or 18 bottles are available. At the same time, these devices maintain relatively small dimensions. Refrigerators with a capacity of 150 or even 300 litres are available for the most demanding users. The last one will fit even 100 bottles of wine and it is an offer for real connoisseurs, who often keep this type of drink for years.

How much does a wine cooler cost?

The purchase of a basic and small wine cooler model is associated with spending several hundred us dollars. The cheapest devices start at just USD 300. The price, of course, increases with the size and features offered. For obvious reasons, multi-zone models with the best air filters and humidity regulation will be more expensive. In many cases, such devices cost up to several thousand us dollars.

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