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Why Should You Have guest Wi-Fi at The Office?

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If there’s one thing you can offer your guests while they wait in your office then it’s WiFi. Free internet is better than any unlimited amounts of tea, coffee or snacks you can offer. This is because with food, people will tire out easily after some time and if they are still waiting by that time then you can count on a bad mood. But having wifi will keep them busy for long amounts of time.

People can use the free internet to surf social media like Facebook and Instagram and maybe update their current location on it. But apart from this, any reputed office received tonnes of unexpected and sudden guests, project people and salesmen all the time. More often than not, these people rely on office internet to show you their wares, services, update software and more. So it would be unprofessional to not provide any Internet service for them. Moreover, you also won’t be able to see if any of these services can be useful for the office. But there is a reason why WiFi may not be offered:

Why Would A Business Opt Out Of Setting Up Wifi For Office Guests?

1. Fear of the guest unintentionally accessing the office systems and getting to know secret information.
2. No one has the time or is ready to give the effort to carefully set it all up.
3. No one working in the office knows how to set up the system.

What is the guest Wi-Fi?

Instead of fearing guest WiFi, it’s important to understand what they are and why they are important. Guest WiFi is designed to ensure that visitors get limited internet access. Most companies allow their guests access to the internet fully and along with that allow them to know about the company’s IT facilities. But access to the later part is severely limited. It’s just to give a taste of all the goods the company has. But to carry out these demarcations, the guest WiFi has to be configured properly. Most of the businesses which offer such WiFi facilities make sure to make that WiFi “Guest” or something similar to separate it from official office WiFi.

How can IT businesses properly configure the guest WiFi?

There are 2 ways in a business one can set up a guest WiFi. The path you choose depends on the kind of separation you would prefer between that of your internal business resources and what you are allowing your guests access to. You should talk to our Toronto Managed IT services professionals to better know what works for you. But here are the two ways which are commonly used

In-built temporary or guest support

Maximum WiFi routers in the current day can support these guest networks. What this means is that using that you will be able to make a fully separate kind of virtual network that can be made from the very same router. This is certainly a simple and hassle-free wat when it comes to setting up and configuring WiFi. But there’s a downside to this and that’s the fact that it’s also very less secure.

Different access points

It’s possible that the router you use won’t support the guest WiFi that you want. Or maybe you don’t want to mix internal access and guest access at all. For this, you need to deploy separate kinds of wireless access centers. This will name the guest WiFi network fully different from the one which your employees make use of internally. Another thing you can do is install a different ISP connection so that visitors don’t get to use even the same internet connection as the employee one.

Why there should be WiFi at the office?

Listed here are the reasons for installing a guest WiFi at the office:

1. If you fail to give free Wi-Fi then you will end up looking unprepared, uncaring and unprofessional.
2. Giving off complimentary WiFi is the biggest courtesy you can offer you, guests, in today’s enterprising environment.
3. Sharing internal access points with outsiders will make your business vulnerable to a cyber attack. Even if a guest has no ill intentions, but malware from their device can still infect the official systems. So guest WiFi does add another protective layer.
4. Free Wi-Fi will put your guests at ease and give them time to catch up on their other work. After all, every business professional has emails to answer, documents to work on and more to do. So having free Wi-Fi will certainly allow them to catch up on their pending work as they wait for their work in your office. This will also make them less angry at missing other work.
5. If anyone is carrying out a presentation, then they won’t necessarily have to grapple with connectivity problems. Free Wi-Fi will allow for much needed convenient wireless connections.

So if you want to configure and set up a guest WiFi then contact Toronto Managed IT services professionals. Your visitors will love the seamless internet experience and your systems will also stay protected.

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