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Why Buy 3d Printed Moon Lamps

Press Release

Ever thought of using 3d printed moon lamps? If you want to add décor and style into your home, you should consider using 3d printed moon lamps. They are made using the latest 3D production technology. Also, skilled manufacturers use astronomical data to produce a lamp that takes the form of the moon. Moon is not only divine but it`s a charming symbol. This is why most love birds prefer to spend some time out on the moon as it brings happiness and tends to make the bond between them stronger.

What are the Features of 3D Printed Moon Lamps?

1. Highly attractive; 3d printed moon lamp assumes the shape of the moon hence it is attractive to the eyes.

2. Uses the best 3D printed technology, to create a similar shape with the full moon. The moon lamp surface features the actual Luna. It’s original and captivating.

3. The charging port has advanced shock resistant features not to mention the anti-crack in-built properties. 

4. 3D printed moon lamp is manufactured using PLA. PLA is a decomposable material derived from plant starch. The material is tasteless, user friendly and non-toxic.

5. It has a diameter of 3.15 inches with a battery capacity of 500mAh. Its charging duration is about 6 hours and serves for 8 to 12 hours.

6. The full package contains 1*Night Light, 1* Wooden mount 1*USB charging cable plus a charger.

7. Its light effect is an LED dual color that creates the impression of the real moon.

8. It’s Energy-efficient producing a pleasing and comfortable light. Also, it comes with an adjustable lighting system hence you can switch colors from warm yellow to cool white anytime you want to create a comforting sleep environment for your kid or family.

What are the Benefits of Using 3D Printed Moon Lamps?

There are a dozen reasons why you should start using the 3D printed moon lamp. This lamp will not only bring happiness into your home, but there are benefits attached to it. There we go!

Excellent lighting; the warm yellow light is a charming light ideal for use in the bedroom. Your children are going to love it. It is safe for the eyes and creates a cool and comfortable bedroom environment. 

Eco-friendly; since it is made from PLA an environmentally friendly material, it is the best for use. It’s highly refreshing and energy-efficient too. 

It can be used outdoors; this is the best lamp for camping activities. This is because it has an in-built battery as well as a USB charging system. It can serve you for a maximum of 12 hours hence you won’t have any lighting problems in your camp. Its brilliant moon appearance and the captivating glow will chase all darkness around you.

Adds home décor; the lamp takes the shape of a moon hence its elegant adding style in your classy home. It’s a modern light décor that will blend perfectly with your home.

Photography; given the divine nature of the moon, it`s highly upheld in human history. Yet the moon is distant and not everyone has been lucky enough to get close to it. However, buying a lighting application with moon features bring the Devine moon right into your house.

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