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Tips For Choosing The Best Tent

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There are different types of tents according to their characteristics. That is why we must take into account different aspects when choosing the store to acquire to meet our expectations.

First of all, we will have to take into account the main factors that will influence the purchase of the bell tent: size, weight and use. These aspects are what will make us decide the final acquisition. Second, there are the secondary points to consider, such as the weather conditions, the type of assembly and the design.

1. Size

One of the first questions to ask when buying a tent is how many people will sleep in the store. Likewise, the dimensions of the luggage and / or material that will be taken must be taken into account. Also, in case one day you camp with one more person, the same tent will meet your needs.

On the other hand, you should consider the type of departure that is made: how many days it lasts, if you are going to spend many nights in the store if it is essential to rest well … Since it depends on these characteristics, inflatable mattresses will be needed, with what they will occupy more space than the mats.

2. Weight

Depending on the type of departure to be made, much attention should be paid to this point. This will happen in the case of a mountaineering and mountain or trekking outing, since we will have to be aware that, apart from the material that one will carry, you will also have to load the tent. On these occasions, we advise distributing the weight among the different hikers so that the route does not become so heavy for the one who loads the tent.

3. Use

Depending on the type of activity to be performed, the tent must meet certain characteristics.

Mountaineering and mountain. In this case, the point to take into account is that it is resistant to inclement weather.
Trekking, hiking or camping. Known as 3-season tents, as it has to offer protection, comfort and resistance. However, if they are short departures and a weather forecast is made, there are lighter stores, although less resistant.
Camping or family camping. They are considered 2-season tents because they would not withstand storms or high winds. They are ideal for use in campsites. What should be considered the most is its spaciousness and comfort, since it will be like your home for a few days. It should be noted that there are stores where you can only sit and, others, as is the case of those that are tent type, that you can stand up.

4. Weather Conditions

One of the most relevant aspects when choosing a tent is its resistance to the weather, rain, wind or other meteorological situations that may occur. Above all it is important that it is resistant to different weather conditions if what we want is to be able to go trekking or mountaineering with it.

As previously mentioned, the weight should be taken into account. Unfortunately, those lighter stores are the least resistant. So in case of fast bike or mountain crossings, we recommend choosing a light tent to be able to transport more comfortably.

5. Assembly

In case of the bad weather forecast, a quick, easy and comfortable assembly will be appreciated, since you can protect yourself before rain, snow or wind. However, this factor is not so relevant because all stores tend to be fairly simple when assembling.

What can help us choose the tent, is the number of picks you need so that it is well secured. Keep in mind that not all terrain is soft on the mountain, so it may take longer to drive a pica.

6. Design

Stores can be in the form of igloo or Canadian type (peak-shaped). Both can have one or more rooms. Those models indicated for 1 or 2 people usually have only one room. They can also have a separate space for luggage storage.

On the other hand, family tents for 5-8 people usually have more than one room; although there are also family stores with only one room.

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