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The transition of lock and keys over the years

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Lock and Keys is an excellent combination of security systems that encompasses a lot of mechanical parts. These kinds of the system will keep the information under check and the documents under tight security. The schema of the locks can be unlocked by the keys which act as the best driving force.

The metals which are used to make the keys are brass, silver, and nickel. There are ways to make keys that can open several locks. When the teething of the key is done right, then it can be used for multiple locks.

Know the story behind the creation of first lock and key

It is a very delightful fact to know that lock and keys came from ancient Egypt. These locks were made of top-quality wooden materials. These types of locks created a revolution.

To enhance the security mechanism which was already in place, the Egyptians created the lock and key. These were used by the Egyptians of the ancient civilization as a display of the wealth they hoard.

The reason behind mentioning that the lock and key were used only by the wealthy people is that they wanted to keep their valuables safe from the thieves and other criminals in the vicinity.

The lock was formed along with the key, as the existence of one without the other is completely useless.

How the locks and keys have changed over the years?

The locks and keys in the past had a very simple design. The locks and keys were modified over the years to include more security features. The combination locks were designed by the Ancient Romans. It had an excellent design.

Time delay locks are the ones that can operate during certain times of the day alone during emergencies that were designed by James Sargent. These are the kind of innovations that the combination locks underwent during those earlier days. The first-ever locks that can be used with several keys were designed by Sargent. These were the inventions of the 18th century.

By the late 20th century, locks that can be opened only by one person started to come in place. The electronic keycard came into sales only in the year 1975 and it was patented by Tor Sornes. Even the electronic locks and keys have changed a lot over the years.

As Science and Technology took new forms over the years, the lock and keys also took drastic changes. The 21st-century lock and keys have taken the form of biometric scans of the fingers. One has to enter the digital passwords to enter the electronic locks. One can expect the locks to be opened in the future by showing your face. This would enhance the security features to a large extent.

Different locks and keys available in the market

These are the different types of locks and keys available in the market which are both digital and physical keys.

1. Bicycle lock
2. Cam lock
3. Chamber lock
4. Child safety lock
5. Chubb detector lock
6. Combination lock
7. Cylinder lock
8. Deadbolt
9. Electric strike
10. Electronic lock
11. Lever tumbler lock
12. Lock screen
13. Luggage lock
14. Magnetic keyed lock
15. Magnetic lock
16. Mortise lock
17. Padlock
18. Pin tumbler lock
19. Police lock
20. Protector lock
21. Rim lock
22. Time lock

What are skeleton keys and how does it work?

Skeleton keys are otherwise called as warded keys. These keys are primarily used on warded lock systems. These types of warded locks are found to be in use even today in places like historic sites and museums. These are the type of keys have teeth which are not entirely flat but they can fit well on the notches.

These are the type of keys that can open the complicated lock structure which is found in castles. These locks look heavily ornamented and they are used by the high class. There are modern-day skeleton key variants that are used as master keys and it is also put to use depending on the area.

How can one source the lock and keys?

It is very easy to obtain the lock and keys to what purpose you have. For the regular type of locks, you can approach the local stores itself. If you are looking for custom made locks or the kind of locks that are very much sturdy, then it is advised to go and visit a professional locksmith. For example, if you are in Ottawa, then you can type in Google, Ottawa locksmith then you can see a list of locksmiths in that area. These locksmiths can serve you in a much better fashion as well.

It is always better to look for a locksmith from the local area itself when you are residing in that particular region. These locksmiths know the locks better than anyone else. They will be able to provide reliable service as well.

These are the things you need to know about lock and key systems. It is very interesting to know about the transition of locks and keys.

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