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The Best Email Archiving Solutions For You

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Today, email has become a real tool for daily work: it has become essential, universal, and mandatory. Legal data, commercial and administrative tax documents or confidential content, email can contain everything. Also, messaging services are growing exponentially: the volume of emails is constantly changing. It’s not easy to find your way around!

You face daily challenges!

  1. The overload of mail servers and the complexity of backup and recovery processes.
  2. The daily loss of important data for the company due to technical problems or accidental deletion of emails.
  3. The risk of non-compliance with legal regulations regarding emails.
  4. The difficulty of easily and quickly accessing your emails.

Archiving your Emails: A Necessity.

Using an email archiving solution will, first of all, relieve the mail server congestion that can saturate in the long term.
As a result, you are required to comply with an increasing number of regulations relating to email compliance, eDiscovery, and other legal requirements. To achieve this, you must be able to perform a centralized, complete, and inviolable archiving of emails for a given period of time and be able to locate them at any time. By archiving your emails, you also protect yourself against common legal risks: email archiving allows you to use the messages as evidence in the event of a dispute.

Types of Email Archiving Solutions

There are many types of email archiving solutions in the market. Here is the list below:

  1. Software Email Archiving Solutions
  2. Hardware Email Archiving Solutions
  3. Cloud Email Archiving Solutions
  4. Native Email Archiving Solutions
  5. Hybrid Email Archiving Solutions

Here is a collection of best Email archiving solutions for you.

You can find a brief collection of various email archiving solutions provider published on Here are the three email archiving solutions offering great service with significant capabilities or existing offerings with upgraded capabilities that make them attractive in a service provider portfolio.

1: Duocircle Email archiving solutions offers a very smart package that gives email archival and management and tries to optimize the storage of the archival data. With Duocircle you can:

  1. Archiving and deleting e-mails on the e-mail server will be automated to gain real control over the volume of the server.
  2. Provides protection against data loss: all emails are 100% archived.
  3. Compatible with all existing mail servers (local and hosted).
  4. Complies with e-mail regulations.

2: Mimecast Email archiving solutions

Mimecast Email archiving cloud solutions is a reliable, cloud-based archive that reduces the need for onsite archiving software and hardware. Mimecast email archiving solutions provide excellent tools for managing email retention policies which reduce the cost of email management and simplifies the overall process.

3: Spamtitan Cloud based Email archiving solutions

As the leading solution for email archiving, Spamtitan allows you to archive your e-mails, folders and e-mail accounts at one central, secure point. It is the ideal solution to meet the challenges mentioned above. The Cloud email archiving solutions by Spamtitan copy data from email and store copies in secure data centres to guarantee their integrity and to search and retrieve them with ease. has centralized email database which helps the users to recover deleted emails quickly and effortlessly. Their cloud-based email archiving solution is compatible with all major operating systems and other email service providers.

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