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Style Tips for Decoding your Holiday Fashion for Men

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From lunch with your friends to dinner at your parents’ house, and a cocktail with your girlfriend, here are the outfits you should wear this winter season.

The term holiday outfit is confusing for many men. What does festive mean when you need to dress for a holiday party? To stop the stress, and eliminate the dress code guesswork, you’ll find in this article some tips on what to dress during the winter season.

What to wear for a cocktail?

Cocktail parties are all-the-more frequent during the holiday season. To impress everyone with your style, keep it classy. Cocktail attire is one of the most prevalent party dress codes because it’s semi-formal, and you most likely have in your wardrobe some items that match this style. Traditionally, men wear suits for cocktail parties, but when the party involves only friends, you can wear something more casual.

The combinations that will save you for any cocktail party are:

  1. A dark-colored suit with or without a tie
  2. Classic dress pants and shirt combined with a wool vest
  3. Dark-wash jeans with a blazer

All the above outfits look great if you pair them with oxford dress shoes. You don’t need different shirts for different events. You can wear the same ones if you personalize them with changeable shirt buttons for any occasion.

What festive attire means?

When the dress code for an event requires you to show holiday spirit, stay away from the Rudolph sweater because this isn’t the moment to wear it. It’s tempting to pull out that ugly Darth Vader wearing a Christmas hat sweater your special someone gave you, but that’s only a casual option that doesn’t work for a more semi-formal party.

Better suggestions are:

  1. Clothes in the colors of the season, from dark shades of green and red to bright saturated hues
  2. If you want to wear a suit, then you can go with a tartan plaid one
  3. Patterned socks are always a great way to create a festive outfit
  4. Chelsea boots work wonderfully for a holiday look

How to dress for the Christmas office party?

You want to keep it professional even if it’s the Christmas party. Depending on where you work, the dress code may differ, but some elements are general no matter the theme of the event. You should wear a relaxed outfit that exudes class. Your boss is still present, even if it’s a semi-formal event, so you need to look professional.

Tips for the Christmas office party:

  1. You should always wear a blazer, no matter what the theme of the party is. The tie is optional; you decide to wear it or not
  2. If you like patterns, you can combine textures and models to show your stylishly creative side
  3. Stick to festive color accents as trims, accessories, or key pieces, from dark green to burgundy. Don’t go overboard here.

It’s that time of the year when you can replace the grey and black suits with bold colored ones, and no one will judge you for the fashion sense you display.

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