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Signs of a fraud movers and packers company and how to find a reliable one

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Those times are gone when people used to pack up all their stuff and shift from one location to another without any external assistance. Thanks to movers and packers the task is now easier than ever. You just have to share your shifting details with them and the rest of the work is handled by them thus lifting a huge burden from your shoulders. However, this also means that you might land up with a company that has no experience in this field and is doing this only to earn easy bucks. Here we tell you signs of a fraud movers and packers company and how to find a reliable one

Signs that the company is a fraud

They will not come to your house to assess the items that have to be shifted. Instead, they would provide you a quote on phone or email hoping that you will agree to get the work done. A reliable  packers and movers  company would give you the proper quotation after checking all the stuff so that there is no scope of a discrepancy.

The quotes they provide will be quite less than the trends prevalent. They may show that they are giving a discount but in reality, they have no experience and are just taking you for a ride.

As a deposit, they would ask you for a huge amount which you need to give in advance. Such companies are the biggest frauds as they may not turn up on the shifting day thus putting you in a big loop.

The fraud company would not have their own website or if they have it would not have details of licensing and a proper local address to verify their authenticity.

Lastly, their truck does not have the company’s logo or any proof that they are associated or working for a reputed movers and packers company.

How to find a reliable company

To find the best packers and movers you should first do your share of online research to find out the reviews of all the companies that are operational near you. If need be you can ask your friends, relatives, and acquaintances for any references they may have. Often someone who has used the service would be able to guide you as to which company to trust.
If in a doubt you can check the authenticity of a company by seeing its license and certification. In absence of the same, the company’s credentials come under a scanner. Lastly you can ask the person if they are able to provide the kind of services you require without any difficulty. Often we have a specific set of needs in mind and the company is not prepared to handle that.


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