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Other Attractions At Long Beach Whale Watching Site

Press Release

If you are going for Long Beach Whale Watching and have some extra days to spend in California then don’t forget to visit other sites too. You will find parks, beaches and attractive buildings that you love to explore and visit. Make your trip more memorable by going to the following places on the long beachside.

Downtown Waterfront

It is the popular tourist point near Queens Bay. It is surrounded by the Aquarium of Pacific, long beach convention Centre and Rainbow harbour. It is an awesome site where you get the cruises for whale watching, dinner cruises, and fishing trips.

Aquarium of Pacific

Aquarium of the Pacific is the largest fishing site in southern California. The amazing thing is that there is a display of about 50 exhibits and 11,000 animals. Tourists come and get engaged with animals, discuss their bio, study their science and take photos to capture all the moments they spend in Aquarium. An interesting thing that attracts both kids and adults in the house of Penguins. About 20 birds are there that cherish the visitors each day.

The Queen Mary

The ocean liner is named Queen Mary because the Queen visited the Pacific in 1936. At that time a huge number of visitors came to visit the long beach. Since then it has become a popular tourist point. The major attraction is the Twilight that gives the visitors a magical time on the boat. You will get the luxury resort and suits to stay there and enjoy the tour with peace.


Naples is built on three islands that are linked with the canals. There is present attractive fountain and landscaped plaza surrounded by homes designed with an Italian architect. Moreover, Malina Pacifia mall is another attraction where hundreds of retail shops present so tourists can shop and collect gifts for loved ones.

Catalina Island

It is the quiet peaceful is located 22 miles away from southern California. If you want to spend time other than Hussle bustle then Catalina island is best for you. There are present hotels, oceanside dining and shuttles to have a typical hour-long ride. The soothing environment, cozy temperature, and peaceful surroundings are best to forget your worries and give your mind and body relaxation.

Rosie’s Dog Beach

Rosie beach dog is the best attraction for watching whales and dolphins moving here and there. You can spend a whole day by booking a cruise for watching whales closely. Find different species of these large creatures there and see nature near you.
These are a few places to visit when you are off to the long beach for whale watching. Visit them and make your vacations full of fun. Don’t forget to take important things with you like a camera, binoculars, and cash so that you do not miss any moment. Buy different things and bring for your loved ones. Keep them with you as a memory and show to your fellows.

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