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Music Tech Company Changing the Future of Independent Artists

Press Release

Providence, RI: Two College Students, Nicholas Cianfaglione (Founder) & Emil Jimenez (Lead Technology Officer), have launched one of the most disruptive tech platforms to hit the music industry. Cianfaglione has spent the last seven years working in the underground music industry through his company Northeastern Entertainment Solutions, LLC, which became well known through its global marketing company, NES360. Throughout his seven years, Cianfaglione has become well versed in how the independent and underground industry operates. Starting in late 2018, Cianfaglione took this knowledge and started developing a platform which he now calls Artist Republik. 

Artist Republik is breaking into the music tech space as a social network-based digital management tool that allows a music artist, anywhere in the world, to sign up for free and begin managing their career. Artist Republik has designed the platform to have all the tools, resources, and third party connections that artists need to manage, market, and book themselves. So whether it is booking a show, booking a recording studio, hiring a graphic designer, networking with blogs, or just talking to other artists, Artist Republik is designed to put the power back into the hands of the independent Artist. 

Currently, the platform is still in beta, with over 13,000 Artists signed up to participate in the beta, and Artist Republik reps state that they plan to have a stable version ready for their public debut at the tradeshow at SXSW in March of 2020. Artist Republik reps have teased about some very cool features that will be on this platform, such as merch management, social marketing tools, and automation, along with a total tour management system that will, according to Cianfaglione, “will forever change how the independent artist books a show.” 

The team at Artist Republik plans to launch new features every month, so stay tuned for more! 


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