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Most popular tourist activities in New Zealand

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If you are thinking to visit New Zealand, let us introduce it to you. New Zealand is an extraordinary, photogenic and well-disposed nation offering guests superb changes for experience and investigation. The tough islands are home to thick local woods, mountains, sea shores, ice sheets, warm areas and coves that have been well-safeguarded by the earth cognizant government and culture. New Zealand is where traditional Maori culture blends in with advancement in cosmopolitan urban communities, charming towns and tremendous territories of immaculate wild. Pristine and magnificent, the island country has something for everybody, including the following top tourist attractions in New Zealand that you can discover with your own backpacker car.

Abel Tasman National Park

Situated on the northern tip of the nation’s South Island, this tremendous national park is an explorer’s fantasy. Shut to vehicles, one must enter by vessel, foot or little plane, however the outing is well justified, despite all the trouble. While navigating the bumpy territory, blue penguins, wekas, shellfish catchers, wood pigeons and other uncommon flying creatures would all be able to be seen.

Queenstown, South Island

Situated between the shores of gleaming Lake Wakatipu and the frigid pinnacles of the Remarkable, Queenstown is New Zealand’s experience capital and one of the nation’s top goals for universal guests. Bungee bouncing, fly drifting, wilderness boating, paragliding, shake ascending, mountain biking, and downhill skiing are only a portion of the adrenaline-filled games on offer, and guests can investigate the dazzling high landscape on the astounding system of climbing trails. Notwithstanding the experience sports, Queenstown offers all the familiar luxuries with top of the line inns, spas, cafés, displays, and shops. It’s additionally an extraordinary base for outings to the Central Otago locale, where guests can investigate gold mining towns and the Middle Earth view from the prominent “Master of the Rings” motion pictures.


This little beach front town on the South Island is a sanctuary for fish sweethearts. You can spot hide seals, dolphins, sperm whales and gooney birds off the shore, at that point enjoy a gala of new crawfish, mussels, blue cod and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Land sweethearts can go for a wild stroll through the untamed and sensational Kaikoura backwoods.


Just outside of Rotorua, on the North Island, is the fantastic goal of Wai-o-tapu. This park is loaded up with geothermal action, and you can climb through volcanic scenes that look more like space than the remainder of New Zealand. At Wai-o-tapu, one of the features is the Lady Knox Geyser, which emits day by day with a show-halting showcase straight high up. Close by, geothermal spas give you the ideal spot to loosen up following a day of climbing along Wai-o-tapu’s volcanic trekking ways.

Bay of Islands

The Bay of Islands is one of the most well-known occasion goals in New Zealand. The pleasant zone contains 144 islands, many separated coves and some extraordinary sandy sea shores. This wonderful sound has a bounty of marine life including whales, penguins, dolphins and the huge marlin. As anyone might expect, it is a mainstream place of interest for cruising yachts on world travels and universal game anglers.

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