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Learn How to Sew Clothes with a Sewing Machine

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I know how it feels when you have the sewing machine and all the things you need to make a fabric and you don’t know where to start. If you are interested in learning how to sew clothes using a sewing machine, then the guide below will be the ideal one for you. I will show you how you can sew using the sewing machine step by step. You may be overwhelmed, and I tell you that soon you are going to be sewing like a pro.

Collect All the Sewing Materials

Before starting any project it is necessary to get all the materials you need in order. Brainstorm in advance what to make and now go ahead and make a collection of the requirements. Assemble them and arrange everything in order to avoid any confusion. You need a pair of scissors, new needles of different quality, different colors of the thread, seam reaper, pin cushion, chalk pencil, and fabric. For the fabric choose the right fabric and most importantly a basic one. Keep them inside the sewing basket where you will get them when needed. These are the few requirements you would use at the start. If you have a machine and you are willing to make the first step, then I would advise you to repair it before using it. For a learner a small error brought about by the sewing machine is confusing. If you don’t have one then try to get a sewing machine from the stores. Now that you have a good working sewing machine, a fabric and the right tools you are ready to start sewing. TrendiTex.Com has lot more good sewing, quilting, cutting machine reviews in case if you want to check.

Threading the Machine

The first thing you need to do is thread it. There are different points where the machines thread needs to pass through. Though a bit different there is a common way of doing it. Use the sewing machine manual and have a look at the manual as explained. About the type of thread to use for a trial with scrap fabrics you can use basic ones. For a project using the right thread. To choose the thread to use consider color, quality, and size. You should use the thread which matches its color with the piece of clothing. 

Measuring and Cutting

You would then measure and cut the piece of cloth to the required sizes that fit together. You will need a measuring tape and a rotary cutter for such purpose. You can take the measurements of a close family member or even yourself for this trial project. Make everything accurate so that you avoid mistakes at the end. Be Keen and cut the exact size of the cloth following the marking you make when measuring. If you are a learner it is advisable that you try simple designs. Don’t cut too complex pieces. Have the idea simple so that you carry it out. After all, you are learning.

Start Sewing

Now you are ready to start seeing after identifying the needle to use based on the weight of the fabric of the fiber content of the material. The type of fabric also specifies the needle to use. For the type of stitch to use the medium length which is usually 21/2 or 3. The manual has got this information. Some sewing machines have a multi-stage switch for choosing the stitch length while others have a knob. Adjust your machine to a straight stitch. 

Start while the needle is the highest position. For needle to be in that position, move the presser foot up. Pull back the bobbin threads 6 inches back from the feed dog. Then to make the first stitch hold the Top and the Bobbin threads and then it will be taken into the machine after a few stitches.

Place the fabric under the needle position at a position directly above the area you intend to sew on. Bring the presser foot down. Use the hand wheel to lower the needle into your fabric layers. With time you will be able to do so with eyes. Get the fabric out and gently move it under the presser foot. Then gently move the foot pedal and sewing is underway. 

Practice doing this over and over because you need to understand how to make straight lines. Practice and practice until you perfect it to some extent. Use different fabrics for this step and make different parts of the fabric. If you perfect this step that needs a few body parts coordination then you will have gone a mile. 

To stop the process ensures the needle is in the upper position then pull up the presser foot. You can use the hand wheel for this. Then slowly pull out the fabric and cut the thread using a pair of sewing scissors. When cutting the thread leave some length hanging. You can now repeat the process. 

Check Your Quality

Good sewing can be perfected with time. At first, there may be errors but with practice, everything goes perfect. Now keep practicing as you practice look at the quality of the sewing and aim to ensure you have the best results. Look at the speed of your sewing, aim to make your speed constant. A constant speed makes uniform stitches while a slow speed with fast and slow moments make the fabric have ununiformed stitches.  Aim to make the stitches straight. Your sewing can be bendy at first but with the time you will be able to make the straight ones.  


If you are a beginner in this course you will have taken an ideal step towards making the quality fabric. A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step. If you try these steps several times then you are far off the first step in learning how to sew clothes using a sewing machine. You are not a newbie anymore. Keep practicing and never forget to get the steps in order. Make it a hobby to connect together pieces of fabric within your home. Make it a goal to be a pro. Whenever you seat for sewing pedal all the way to the medal!


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