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Leading Edge Health Releases Powerfully Effective Male Fertility Supplement; VigRX® Fertility Factor 5

Press Release

(Elizabethton, Tenn) March 11, 2020 – VigRX® Fertility Factor 5, the newest release from natural health powerhouse Leading Edge Health, is now available as a powerful fertility supplement to help men avoid the stress and embarrassment of male infertility.

Unlike some male fertility products found on the market, the requirements for inclusion in this groundbreaking formula were strict ingredients must be proven effective in clinical trials, extensively researched, and be safe for long term use. These stringent requirements are to ensure that VigRX® Fertility Factor 5 is the safest and most effective male fertility enhancer on the market to date. And all of this benefit is available right to your doorstep at the click of a button online or by directly calling Leading Edge Health.

VigRX® Fertility Factor 5  has everything men need to overcome reproductive issues – and, just as importantly, nothing they don’t. This incredible new offering was produced by reviewing hundreds of clinical studies to find only those ingredients with the absolute best results for reproductive and sexual health.  Five of those ingredients studied proved to be the clear winners in improving male fertility, hence the name – VigRX® Fertility Factor 5.

These ingredients also combine to produce five critical improvements that factor into male fertility: higher sperm motility, sperm count, sperm shape, semen volume, and libido. This exclusive formula gets results for real people:

“My wife and I had been trying to conceive for months without success…however after taking Fertility Factor 5 for a few weeks all my tests started to show better motility as well as better morphology. My wife is now 2 months pregnant, and we are ecstatic!” reports Marcos, a thrilled VigRX® Fertility Factor 5 user.

In addition to improving the chances of pregnancy, several of these ingredients have proven effective for overall sexual health – with marked improvements in men’s libido, longevity, and arousal in the bedroom. VigRX® Fertility Factor 5 brings together the  best of ancient medicine and current science  for cutting edge improvements of men’s fertility and sexual health. It is formulated with ingredients that range from simple household names to ingredients extracted from the remote jungles of Malaysia and refined in world-renowned laboratories.

Tongkat Ali LJ100 is a patented formulation developed by leading researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in conjunction with the government of Malaysia. This patented extract from the root of the Eurycoma longifolia plant is effective for sperm production and health – while also improving sexual function.

Another trusted ingredient from a faraway locale, but with a much more recognizable name, is ginseng. Panax Ginseng has been used in Asian medicine to treat reproductive health for centuries, and the latest science proves it to be effective for increasing libido, sperm count, and sperm motility.

VigRX® Fertility Factor 5 also contains two essential minerals, zinc and selenium, that are well known to be associated with male fertility. Zinc is an essential mineral that’s critical for male fertility and sperm motility. Selenium is another essential mineral – and up to 40% of infertile males suffer from a low selenium level. Scientific research has shown that semen volume, sperm shape, count, and viability are all improved with the dosage of both minerals contained in this incredible formula.

Last but not least, BioPerine is included in many supplements for its amplifying effects on other ingredients, especially selenium in the case of this formula. Known as black pepper extract, BioPerine is a 95+% pure extract, which makes many ingredients more bioavailable within the body.  In a double-blind study, users of BioPerine with selenium had 30% higher selenium levels than the control group that was using only selenium!

These five incredible ingredients are powerful on their own and work synergistically to end the frustration and embarrassment of male infertility. Study after study showed these were the most effective ingredients to reverse infertility issues and improve sexual health. Researchers poured over clinical trials of each individual ingredient in respected publications, including: Journal Of Biology, The Systems Biology in Reproductive Medicine, and Techniques in Urology & Nephrology.

And there are so many more than just those above. These are significant clinical trials, published with statistically significant results that prove the ingredients in VigRX® Fertility Factor 5 works for real families that are struggling to conceive.

In fact, the Asian Journal of Andrology published a study on Tongkat Ali LJ100 with men that had been told they were unable to achieve natural conception. After the study, 100% of participants showed improvement in sperm shape, count, and movement. Even better – 15% of those in the trial impregnated their partners during the study! Of those whose LJ100 supplementation didn’t result in pregnancy, many were eligible for in-vitro or other fertilization methods that they weren’t eligible for prior to the study.

These reproductive and sexual health improvements will change the lives of men and women – and their growing families. And best of all, there are no prescriptions, no doctor’s visits, no nasty side effects, and it is safe to be taken long term. This is a game-changer in the men’s fertility field.

Chelsea, the wife of a satisfied VigRX® Fertility Factor 5 user, says, “It just works! If you are dealing with bad sperm quality, try this product. It helped us improve all of my husband’s test parameters within only a few months of use.”

VigRX® Fertility Factor 5  can be purchased directly from the Leading Edge Health website.

About Leading Edge Health

Leading Edge Health is a natural supplement and health product purveyor, with a wide range of health, beauty, skincare, and other products for improving men’s and women’s health. Known for effective and safe alternatives to prescription medicines, Leading Edge Health products are popular with those who want to promote their health, youthfulness, and vigor in a natural way. Founded in Canada in 1997, the company is now based in Elizabethton, Tennessee.

For more information, you can visit or call 1 (866) 269-3487.

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