Press Release

Kajabi Launches Heroes Campaign to Celebrate $1.1B in User Generated Revenue

Press Release

All-in-one business platform  Kajabi has revealed that it has surpassed $1.1 billion in revenue. To mark the milestone, the remote learning portal has launched “Let’s Build Together,” a campaign celebrating the heroes who are showing new ways to work remotely in a new world.

More than 41 million students have signed up for courses, memberships, and other products delivered by Kajabi entrepreneurs, experts, and influencers. With interest in e-learning and remote working at an all-time high due to global events, Kajabi has elected to spotlight the unsung individuals who are spearheading this transition.

“So many people are thinking, ‘How can I use this time to continue learning new skills and growing?’ right now,” says Kajabi co-founder and CEO Kenny Rueter. “Our users are stepping up and creating so much value in the lives of their students. We wanted to highlight what they’re achieving and the brightness they’re bringing into the world right now.”

Kajabi Heroes shines a spotlight on super-users who are sharing their knowledge on the platform and helping the world get back to work, training, and education. Kajabi has invited users of the platform to share their stories, using the hashtag #KajabiLife, across social media, and promises to amplify case studies that resonate with its Heroes campaign.

In response to unprecedented demand, Kajabi has also ramped up its efforts to assist its growing community. Twice-daily live webinars have been scheduled Monday-Friday to help users optimize their business, with tips on selling, marketing, and campaign optimization. This has been complemented by live Q&A sessions in which new users can draw upon the knowledge of Kajabi veterans who’ve been earning a living on the platform for years.

“We know it’s a strange time, but we’ve been honored to witness our Heroes serve their audiences in unprecedented ways,” says Rueter. “It’s proof you don’t have to step outside to step up. Let’s build together and show what we can achieve.”

About Kajabi: Founded in Irvine, California, in 2010, Kajabi is an all-in-one platform for entrepreneurs, experts, and influencers to build, market, and sell educational content. With Kajabi’s growing array of strong web design tools, users have a single ecosystem in which they can publish, market, and sell webinars, articles, online courses, and other digital products. Tens of thousands of entrepreneurs rely on Kajabi to build and manage their online businesses, and the company has helped these stakeholders generate over $1.1 billion in sales from 41 million customers to date.

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