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Anand Srivastava , without a doubt, is one of the most focussed and motivated bloggers who primarily assist startups, young minds, and other driven professionals in taking up blogging as the most resourceful digital marketing tool. He is an entrepreneur who has definitely made a name for himself courtesy of his endless virtues, risk taking abilities, and impeccable business planning followed by execution.

At the age of 24, Anand started indulging himself in this evolving digital marketing arena which was going through the turmoil of sorts. He didn’t budge as he believed that online marketing, including the likes of Blogging, SEO, SMM, SEM, content marketing, and other facets will keep growing and define the digital existence, in the years to come. Today, in 2020, we understand the value of his timeless investments as a majority of startups are focusing on implementing digital marketing ideas for amplifying sales; something Anand envisioned almost a decade back.

Anand Srivastava has been advising numerous small and medium sized businesses regarding SEO implementations and blogging and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that he has dedicated his life towards making individuals more equipped towards facing the digital domain. Moreover, businesses have benefitted immensely from his contributions in the digital marketing arena.

We are thankful to Anand Srivastava for giving us time for this interview. In the subsequent sections, we shall be asking him all the relevant questions regarding his take of blogging as a passion and profession, growth and present condition of SEO in regard to the online landscape, and other factors associated with the likes of digital marketing.

Who is Anand Srivastava; Could you please tell our Readers a bit more about yourself and even your Unrelenting Vision?

I am the founder of Tips Blogger but before that I am just a normal person who believed in the digital marketing realm right from the onset. However, I term myself as a social entrepreneur who is obsessed with the facets of digital identity. I have completed my MBA and after that, I realized that there is nothing nobler than helping companies and individuals establish themselves as brands. Moreover, I also speak actively in conferences regarding growth hacking, SEO, blogging, and certainly entrepreneurship.

What is the essence and functionality of blogging according to you and why individuals and even companies should rely on the same?

I believe blogging is the future as it helps people tell productive stories about the firm and even their journey. What individuals need to understand that the world is fast shifting towards a more organic marketing approach and this is where blogging comes into the scheme of things. I educate and train students and young minds regarding the best strategies on how to start blogging as I feel that they can perfectly strategize the futuristic digital marketing moves with blogging as the go-to tool.

What would be your Advice to Smaller Enterprises and Startups?

I feel smaller firms fail to tap the massive potential of SEO and SMM. Therefore, my advice to them would be to incorporate potent and functional strategies concerning search engine and social media marketing. Most importantly, I would urge them to understand and analyse the target audience base that the paint point pertaining to each. Companies that realize the issues faced by the customer base while mitigating them with urgency are better placed towards being successful.

What kind of Content Strategy is Needed for Better Visibility and What Changes would you Suggest?

When it comes to a full-fledged blogging strategy, it is necessary to create content that sells. Firstly, according to me, the content needs to be organic and should relate to a story. Most businesses that try to sell something inorganic and unbelievable falter in the long run. It eventually comes down to the target audience as well and their content specific preferences. I believe that online marketing is one process that’s never-ending and individuals must keep learning the newer tricks of the trade for continued results.

Does According to you the Budget of a Marketing Campaign is Important in Regard to Results?

I feel that understanding is more important when it comes to running a marketing campaign. What needs to be ascertained is that audience targeting is of paramount importance and even if companies spend millions on the wrong sector, profits aren’t going to show up. This is why I have continually been working with startups as their mindset and targeting audience do not waiver and their lack of funds increase the existing focus.

What is the Role of SEO and can We relate the Same with Blogging?

Search engine optimization is something that needs to be at the core of every online marketing campaign. When it comes to blogging, proper keyword inclusion needs to be looked at but without treading the organic barrier. Most importantly, SEO for me is a tool that can help improve the quality of blogs by making them more readable, contextual, and searchable.

Why did you Venture into this Field after Completing your MBA?

For me, blogging wasn’t just a passion but a way to express myself. Whilst pursuing my MBA I started writing about the existing entrepreneurial strategies which slowly started gaining popularity. Moreover, the more I kept blogging I started realizing that there is a niche market on display that if tapped can help skyrocket the credibility quotient, immensely. This is why in kept blogging and once I started getting recognized, I thought of sharing my expertise with others.

What, According to you, is going to Change in the Blogging and SEO realm, in 2020 and Beyond?

This year, according to me, is going to be a lot more competitive. Firstly companies will have to work a bit harder to hone their blogging and marketing skills. This is where I would pitch in as I understand the digital domain and all the underlining aspects pertaining to its evolution. For me, 2020 will be the year of real stories and actual products. Bloggers and SEO marketers in this year should concentrate more a select clientele rather than marketing their products everywhere.

Any Closing Words

Determination, patience, and continual learning are the necessary tools for getting a hold of the blogging and the entire digital marketing arena.

I am here to help and can be reached with ease.
Anand Srivastava

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