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Instagram welcomes Former professional fighter Tristan Tate as he ventures into Luxury blogging

Press Release

Romania, Moldova, and Bulgaria. There he is known to hog headlines and news columns are dedicated to his pursuits.

For those who are not aware of him Tristan is a former European Kickboxing and K1 champion. He used to fight for the Enfusion Fight federation. Tristan is the brother of Andrew Tate who is a former World K1 champion as well; His father is a famous chess master Emory Tate.

Tristan’s origins are from UK and he first came into limelight in the year 2011. That was the year he participated in the reality show “Shipwrecked: The Island” where his behavior gained him a lot of fame albeit in the wrong way.

He is a millionaire and the news stations of Romania often cover his collection of supercars which is totally enviable. His last three purchased cars have been covered on national television. He usually drives a Lamborghini Huracan Spyder, Maclaren 70’s and an Aston Martin Vanquish S Ultimate. It is said that these models are quite rare and only celebrities like Chris Tarrent and Jay Leno have purchased them.

For the last five years, Tristan has been living in Eastern Europe as he got tired of the hectic life he was leading when in London. 3 years ago he suffered a car crash in which he badly damaged his shoulder. Though he gave up on professional fighting this did not stop him from becoming successful financially. He continued his interest in other businesses and earned lots of money.

A big animal lover Tristan donates money to Dog shelters in Romania. Another scandal put him in the spotlight when the famous Romanian model Bianca Dragusanu cheated on her husband with Tristan. She eventually left her husband to join Tristan a step which backfired and she was replaced on the show she was working on at that time.

Tristan’s hobbies include playing and teaching chess to people in the youth centers of English language schools. It is said that his father inspired him to learn and teach chess. He may not be the best in the game but his passion for the same shows when he extends his knowledge and help to others.

Three years back Tristan’s father died of a heart attack and that led him to show his devotion. He gave interviews to and even wrote paragraphs for a book written on his father. Tristan, as well as his brother Andrew, commentates for multiple fight shows like RXF, SuperKombat, EnFusion live and they can be seen on Eurosport and Boxnation.

 Tristan Tate  has now decided to venture into Luxury blogging and what better platform than Instagram for the same. He loves to share his escapades in lifestyle and travel category and you are bound to get influenced by what he has to say. His pictures are a revelation of the luxurious life he leads and the trips he takes.

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