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Give your garage a makeover with these 8 useful tips

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Most people only see their garage when they park or when they get their car out. Only a few stop to take a second look around and see how much potential garage space actually has. If you’ve been neglecting your garage to the point where you don’t even know what things you have stored in there, it’s time for some spring cleaning, regardless of the real-time season, and a much-needed makeover.

With a few ingenious ideas, you can create a great space to store all your tools, sports equipment, Christmas ornaments and even those boxes filled with useless items that you’re emotionally attached to and refuse to let go. So next time you’ll park your car you won’t feel like you’re on a minefield, worrying you’ll knock over some mysterious objects that have been kept there for ages.

Something’s got to go

A garage can serve many purposes: a warehouse, workshop, gardening shed, retreat etc. But you must remember that its main purpose is to house a car, especially if you own one. If you don’t, then you have a lot of space you can play with. But if you do, and your car is parked on the driveway because there’s too much clutter in the garage, then you have a problem. So, the first step in transforming your garage is deciding what stays and what goes. To help you choose without discrimination, follow this simple rule: if you haven’t used an object in over a year, it’s time to say goodbye to it. You might also discover things that you would have used, but you didn’t know they ended up in your messy garage. Those should be put back where they really belong.

Give your Door a Makeover

A well-thought space begins at the entrance, therefore before getting to organizing and tidying, you should take a look at the garage door. Is it old-looking, rattling, and gets stuck often? Replacing it can be quite expensive, but you definitely can’t leave it like that. The better option is to give it a quick makeover by cleaning it and applying a fresh coat of paint. If you want to be a bit more creative, you can cover it with some wood panels. Nevertheless, the most important thing is to have a functional door. If your handyman skills are not enough to fix the above-mentioned issues, it’s a good idea to look for a specialist from a trusted company such as Austin Garage Door Repair Mechanics to make your garage door work like a dream.

Insulate Garage Door

Another way you could upgrade your garage door is by insulating it. It may sound complicated, but in fact it it’s a simple DYI project that anyone can manage successfully. All you have to do is buy a garage door insulation kit from a hardware store and get to work. Basically, you’ll be applying polystyrene panels on the inside of the door to make it more energy efficient, so you’ll enjoy warmer winters and cooler summers inside the garage. Also, should you want to use your garage as a place to play drums or other instruments, your neighbours will surely appreciate the improvement.

Use Magnetic Storage Panels

Now let’s see what you can do with all those tools lying around everywhere. The best and more efficient way to organize them is by using magnetic storage panels where you can hang them in plain view, and sort them on different categories. They’ll be out of your way but still right where you can see them, so you won’t spend an eternity looking for a screw driver, for example. Obviously, if you have a lot of tools, you can keep the ones you don’t use frequently in their toolboxes, just don’t forget where you’ve put them.

Use Storage Containers

For all the other items in your garage you can use storage containers. Add labels on all of them, to make sure you don’t confuse school memorabilia with camping gear and when you urgently need an object, you don’t have to go through a maze of boxes to find it. The smartest way to store them is vertically, placed on shelves or simply on top of each other if there’s no other option, so they won’t take up too much space and you can still see the said labels.

Consider Ceiling Storage

When you think about storage space, you immediately look at the walls, but how about looking up for a change. The ceiling is a greatly underestimated storage area that can be a life saviour in small and cluttered places. Admittedly, storing things high will make it more difficult for you to reach them, but you don’t need to have everything at your fingertips. The items you only need once or twice per year are perfect candidates for this type of storage. So, put them in large boxes, bins or crates and place them on shelves near the ceiling till further notice.

Use a Foldaway Workbench

No self-respecting handyman could ever live up to the title without a good old sturdy workbench. But the downside is that they can occupy a lot of space, especially in a small garage. However, you don’t have to choose between your tinkering passion and creating more room. All you have to do is choose a foldaway workbench instead of a permanent one. You can opt for a wall-mounted workbench or a portable folding workbench that you can store away when you’re done with your DIY projects.

Finish with the Floors

We’ve covered the walls and the ceiling, now let’s get down to the floors. A nice shiny floor won’t help you with the organizing in the least, but it will definitely breathe new life into your garage. Before painting it, you must make sure you fix all the cracks and holes in it and then get to the fun part. A coat of epoxy paint will not only make your floor look amazing, but it will also protect it from deteriorating in time as it offers a durable surface, resistant to oil stains and water.

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