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FamiSafe; The most reliable parental control app

Press Release

As time has passed technology has evolved to an extent where you could be miles away from someone and still know what they’re up to. Their accurate location and also make sure of their safety. WonderShare technology a global leader in application software development. And being a major part of national planning software enterprises have always served to the world by inventing such software that brings simpleness in common man’s life. Their efforts to have an easier approach to things in the usual routine of humans have marked them as the best solutions company. FamiSafe is one of their most high tech software that helps parents keep security checks on their kid’s Android or IOS devices. To prevent them from being cyberbullied or getting into gambling or adult content.
There are various features FamiSafe is subdivided into. These features will have any curious parent calmed because only not FamiSafe has made the activity of your child available on your screen but also the screen timing limit is given as the main feature to keep your child safe from being a night owl.
Here are the detailed few features from FamiSafe:

Web Content

FamiSafe was made with keeping every kind of concern; parents may have & created a feature called “Web content”. Any kind of harmful content that a child shouldn’t go through to keep their mindset off of any negative thinking, needs to be banned from their devices. Web content feature bans various harmful gambling websites as default but if any parent is concerned and wants to customize the list can edit it and block any site which promotes hate, pornography or violence.

Screen-Time Report & Limit

This feature by FamiSafe keeps the headaches away. It helps parents to block access of third party games or social media applications with only one click and protect the phone from getting any virus of untrustworthy websites.
Parents to school going kids always need to make sure their kids aren’t too addicted to phone FamiSafe comes to the rescue as with Screen time limit feature which can be set on an hourly basis to shut down the device when needed. Lastly, it also reports how the device has been used.

Smart Control Schedule

Having a mutual understanding is very important to build trust with your children. This feature gives parents the authority to preset the screen time limit rules as well as location rules. Controlling schedule lets you know if the scheduled location is where your kids are at. Having a perfect schedule gives peace at mind & proper routine to kids.
These are the few best features of FamiSafe. Which will never cease to amaze you with their accurate sense of showing real-time locations and activities your children are up to. Whether your kids are at summer camps or out in the town for school projects or at the library, you will stay aware of their doing.


FamiSafe is available at play store of every Android phone and tablet. Android 4.4 & above and also iPhone/IPad & IPod; IOS 9.x, IOS 10.x & above.

FamiSafe advises having a chat with kids before implying any features on their device. As not informing those about your concerns can create trust issues in parent-kid relations. It’s available for every android & IOS devices
FamiSafe is made simple and it’s free to sign up. While for the features it offers a special 3 days trial. Where you can check out the features as a demo. Later you can continue with paying service charges that are pocket-friendly.

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