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Different Kinds of Plasma Lighters

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Matter exists in four states which include gas, solid, liquid & plasma. The ionized gas that triggers the flow of electrons concurrently producing electricity is referred to as plasma. Common lighting that occurs from the voltage difference between the ground and the cloud is an excellent plasma example. The charges released from the clouds circulate from top to lower levels resulting in thunder and lightning. All this is plasma.

Similarly, plasma lighters possess 4 electrodes on their tips (-ve and +ve). Each of the conflicting sides of the body has 2 electrodes. Once you press any button, the electrons will be fully ionized. As a result, they will spread the ionization to the immediate environment. Once the air is fully ionized, there will be movement of the electrons causing the spark to start traveling. The spark moves to the opposite side causing two electrodes to connect. This, in turn, forms a recognizable arc, ‘X’ or single. In case you bring it close to a stove, candle or a paper it will kindle.

The plasma lighters do not use fuel. This is because they are electrically powered. So they come with rechargeable batteries and have a USB port. The plasma lighters come into two types which include the double arc(X) or the single arc. They are all working using the above mechanism.

Is There Any Difference Between the Two Plasma Lighters?

The two types of plasma lighters differ in that the double arc plasma lighter produces more heat as compared to its counterpart. As a result, it spends almost twice the battery power. This means if you are using a double arc plasma lighter, you will have to recharge its batteries regularly.

Also, plasma lighters are available in different qualities and they have varying battery duration. How often you charge your plasma lighter will depend on your usage. Some will require you to charge them after a one day while others can be charged after 3-4 or even 7 days.

How Do Plasma Lighters work?

These electronically powered lighters are butane-free. You only need to click once and you get a double or single arc plasma flame. For cigarette smokers, a single arc that has 2 electrodes is the best for use. This is because it produces less heat. But for a cigar smoker, double arc plasma lighter is the way to go. It has 4 electrodes and produces more heat and covers a wider surface. Nevertheless, you should never use plasma lighter along with a metallic pipe since it’s shocking.

Which is the Best Type of Single Arc and Double Arc plasma lightener?

The Bolt (Single arc)

This is one of the best types of a single arc. It is electrically charged not using butane fuel. It comes with a mini USB that you can use to charge it. It’s made using the lasts technology and uses electricity. Just with a single push on the button, it creates an electric arc. It is of top quality and quite safe for use.

The Nova (Double arc)

This is a quality double arc plasma lightener. It uses double power, unlike the single arc. Have a warranty of 60 days and its windproof. It’s electrically charged and has a USB cable for charging.

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