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Clever ways to stop losing your wallet and phone

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It’s tragic to lose your phone or wallet because you are deprived of a way to contact someone or to pay for your daily expenses. Your wallet and phone are vital because they facilitate your connection with the world. When you cannot find your phone or wallet, your first thought is that someone stole them. But a report states that 69% of missing phones worldwide are simply misplaced. People are their own enemies when it comes to guarding their belongings. They simply forget where they put them, and they find easier to blame someone else.

Does anyone know where I put my wallet/phone? This seems to be the defining quote of modern life. In a world where phones and wallets are lightweight to boost the user’s comfort, finding them when misplaced looks like an Impossible Mission.

However, absentmindedness isn’t an inescapable curse. You can prevent losing your stuff with some clever tricks.

Check for your wallet and phone when you leave a location

The above study reports that people misplace their items not only at home, but both at the office, in the street or public transport. Data shows that 28% of times, people misplace their belongings in their home, 16% in the street, 13% at their workplace, and 11% when travelling.

So, how can you make sure you don’t forget your wallet and phone when leaving a location? How can other people keep their items safe? Well, they have a secret, they check for them every time they enter or exit a location or transportation mean. This way they ensure their belongings are where they’re supposed to be.

The trap you fall into is that you trust yourself too much. You think you won’t forget to take your phone from the office, but you have no idea where it is 70% of the time. When in a group, you ask someone to call you, and you track it by its ringtone. But what if you set it on silent?

Constantly take note of where your belongings are during entrance and exit times, and you’ll prevent errors. Soon, it’ll become a habit and it won’t sound as tedious as it does now.

Get a Bluetooth tracker

If it’s too stressful to remember to check for your phone and wallet every time you enter or leave a location, you can use some 21st century technology. You can buy a Bluetooth tracker online and attach it to your phone, wallet or keys. With the help of an app, you can locate your belongings no matter where they’re placed. The process is similar to when someone calls you to find your phone, only that you can use this technology with both your wallet and keys.

Don’t forget to check for reviews before buying a tracker because not all of them work. Some of the trackers are built to find your pet, so you can buy one to attach it to their collar if they have the habit to get lost.

Design a space where to store them

Your wallet and phone should have their own territory, and it’s your job to create one and take them there. Keep your wallet, phone, and keys in one place and you won’t forget to take them with you when you leave a room. A top drawer is great for your home and office. For this strategy to function, it’s advisable to use it for this purpose only.

And even if this trick is effective, it’s not easy to follow it because when you arrive home after a long day, all you want is to get rid of everything, and you usually dump them at the closest place to the door. But your phone and wallet need to have their own home, so try to take them with you and place them on their trinket even when you’re exhausted.

Get a smart wallet

If you lose your wallet, you have low chances to recover it because only 1 in 5 people hand it back to the owner when they find it. Even if three-fifths of the people state they’d return it if they can track the owner, the data shows they actually don’t do it. A group of researchers dropped 20 wallets in high-traffic areas. Each of them included $15, a business card with the owners, tickets, a photo and receipts. 20% of the wallets returned to the owners, and only 55% of them contained the original sum of money. So, you should better look for ways to prevent losing your wallet.

Buying a smart one with a technology that allows you to track and locate it can help you recover it fast if someone steals it or if you lose it. Reserve your Volterman Smart Wallet and you’ll get something extra, you’ll identify the thief because it has a thief detection camera and a distance alarm, plus four other smart features.

Have a backup plan for when you cannot recover them

No one is perfect, so accidents can happen, and you can misplace your phone or wallet. As much as you hate this scenario, you must have a plan B for when it happens. Let’s say someone steals your wallet with all your credit cards. If you install an app that allows you to pay with your phone you can still have access to your finances until your bank offers replacement ones. Copy your keys and leave them at your parents’ house, so you can easily use them if you misplace yours. Yes, in a busy day it’s stressful to have no access to your house until you reach your parents, but at least someone you trust can help you open the door if this happens.

Store all the data from your phone in the cloud, so you can recover it if you cannot find your phone. If you cannot purchase a smart wallet, at least attach a tracker to it to boost your chances to find it when lost.

Here are some clever ways to stop losing your belongings. Are you ready to adopt them?

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