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Brad Nakase: California Business Lawyer is Making Real Difference in his Clients’ Quality of life

Press Release

Brad Nakase, the respected California business Lawyer and founder Nakase Law Firm Brad Nakase is making a positive impact in the lives of his clients. He founded Nakase Law Firm to be accessible to the clients that needed his help. Over the course of his career as a California business lawyer, he has successfully litigated over $100 million for his clients. As a California business lawyer, he is dedicated to making a real difference in his clients’ lives. His core values; integrity, excellence, professionalism, civility, communication, patience, and intellectual thoroughness sets him apart as a California business lawyer.

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“I started my law career with too many clients and needed a secretary, paralegal, and other lawyers to help me. After several years, I learned that supervising lawyers, managing people, and needing more office space required me to raise my fee. More importantly, I discovered that the effect of growing a business was taking me away from the clients I wanted to help. Now, I am focused on individuals who hired me to help, my performance and the difference made to my clients’ quality of life. I invite you to read my clients’ testimonials.” Said Brad Nakase, founder of Nakase Law Firm.

Brad Nakase knew from the onset he was born to be a great (business) lawyer because he embodied all the attributes that make one. He is compassionate, a good listener, assertive, but not aggressive, Persevering and creative. While growing up these attributes got him endeared to everyone around him and he always put them to use whenever the need arises.

As a California business lawyer with sharpened skills gained while defending major insurance companies and its policyholders in high stakes cases involving tens of millions of dollars. He is the right attorney to help take on the insurance industry for his clients.

Dan Miller, a business owner, said- “My professional work has me dealing with insurance agents, adjusters, and claims almost every day. Brad’s understanding of general liability insurance is impressive and has exceeded my expectations. It is rare to find a solo attorney who has successfully represented and litigated on behalf of major insurance companies’ policyholders and who now represents individuals.”


Brad Nakase is the founder of Nakase Law Firm located in California. It’s ranked as one of the top law firms within California. Brad Nakase is recognized as a personal-injury-lawyer and labor-law-attorney. Brad is on a mission to be a dynamic, client-focused attorney and recognized for excellence by creating measurable value for his clients in the success of their needs through exceptional dependability, integrity, and fearless advocacy.
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Written by Author: Nancy Thorstein

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