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Best Cordless Blender of 2020 – Buying Guide

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Blenders are undoubtedly important elements in the kitchen. With them, we can create a good number of smoothies, juices, sauces and more.

However, the well-known brands you can find in the market at shopluscenter always responsible for innovating in terms of the usefulness of their products, so much so that there are kitchen elements that do not need cable to operate.

What is the Best Cordless Mixer?

Getting the best model within a single brand is always a bit complicated task.
But, this time, Shop Plus Center show you the best cordless mixers in the market in general, so the brands of the following models are different.Go ahead! Maybe in one of these models, you will find your favorite brand and your faithful companion.

1. Mini Electric Cup Blender – Best Cordless Blender

The first model of cordless blenders is the Mini Electric Blender. This model is made entirely of stainless steel, so the life of this model is quite long.
It has an engine with a power of 2,000 R / Min, capable of making shakes, mixtures, baby meals and much more.
It has 6 blades made of stainless steel, allowing them to be quite durable and in turn, easy to clean.
The power of this model can be through a USB charging port; It has a built-in battery of 4400 mA, which means it can be used about 25 times after a full charge.
On the other hand, it has a capacity of 600 ml, which is enough to prepare a good amount of juice anywhere.
This model is totally compact and lightweight, presenting a dimension of 27, 7 * 13, 5 * 9, 8 cm and a weight of 943 g. This blender also preserves the fibers and vitamins of the foods you use.

2. Mini Blender Multifunctional – One of the Best-Selling Cordless Blenders

The next cordless mixer, the Mini Blender Multifunctional, is a juice extractor that has an intelligent technology, which is responsible for preventing spills and overload, thus prolonging the life of the same.
This blender, being disarmed or poorly positioned, will stop working automatically, making the operation much safer.
On the other hand, you can make smoothies, juices, baby food and more. Preserving all the nutritional composition of the food.
This blender is removable, so you can wash it with water after this, being quite easy to clean.
On the other hand, this mixer is rechargeable through a USB port, so you can also charge it from a computer or any other power bank.

3. LinGear Mini Blender – Wireless Blender Ideal for Travelers

The next model is the LinGear Mini cordless blender. This blender is an excellent option for whipping fruits and vegetables.
It is made of plastic and does not contain any bisphenol.
In turn, the shape of this model is quite particular, since it has a ball bottle shape. It is portable and shock-resistant.
On the other hand, it is quite easy to use and clean just wash the cup with water and clean the blades with a handkerchief.
This model allows for obtaining an effect in 30 seconds of centrifugation. So, you can save time when using it.
This mixer can be recharged in several ways since it has a USB head, it can be connected to a power bank, USB port or adapter.

How many types of blenders are there?


They are really easy to identify blenders since it has a mixing bowl in its base and they have a huge number of accessories. They have the ability to mix doughs. They are quite useful for chefs who need an additional pair of hands. These blenders are made to last since their motor is quite strong. This model allows beating both slowly and quickly. However, these models tend to be more expensive than other types of the blender, since they are large and heavy.

Hand Blenders

These, compared to the others, are quite small. They have removable hooks and are quite easy to clean. Because they are smaller and lighter, they are quite easy to use. These are usually quite powerful and offer several speeds. The bad thing about these blenders is that they don’t offer as much power as the kneaders; These do not have a base that guides them correctly and therefore requires full attention.

Manual Blenders

These blenders allow the user to mix small portions of ingredients quickly. They are usually made of sturdy plastic and have a crank that allows mixing and beating. These are portable and are perfect to take with you wherever you want.

Hand Blenders / Kneaders

In this case, these blenders can be used both as a kneader, as a hand blender with the press of a button. These blenders can also be very powerful since they can mix the dough and any other ingredient. But, to have these blenders, you must make sure you have enough space to store this type of blender.

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