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5 Proven Marketing Strategies for Law Firms

Press Release

Up until recent years, law firms have largely depended on word-of-mouth and traditional campaigns for gaining new clients. But the collective shift into modern marketing has influenced every trade, and the law is not to be left behind.

These days, for a law firm to thrive, it needs to keep up with the demands of the time. More and more clients are consulting the internet powerhouse, aka Google, first before booking their meetings with law firms–and you want to be front and center when they do.

In other words, you need to explore the targeted endeavor that is law firm internet marketing. What does this field of marketing entail? We’ve listed some of the top marketing strategies that law firms should employ–keep on reading below.

1. Launch your own website.

Clients are becoming more tech-savvy these days, and they often judge a law firm based on their website. So, don’t miss out on this opportunity to lay out your portfolio and provide information about your services.

Not to mention, the bulk of your internet marketing campaigns will be anchored on your website – so let this be the foundation of your efforts. Make the most of this by sharing relevant tips and using this online space to build your reputation among your soon-to-be clients.

2. Engage clients on social media.

Of course, don’t forget the power of going viral associated with social media as well.

With everyone scrolling through their social media feed a few times each day, wouldn’t it be nice if clients discover your ad there as well? Or better yet, if they stumble through a positive review of your firm?

Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter recognize the importance of social media ads and now allow business owners to reach an audience on social media. Plus, you can directly communicate and answer questions from your clients there through private messages, comments, and tweets.

3. Improve your rankings with SEO.

Reach a local audience, draw clients to your website, and make your firm searchable on Google with the right SEO campaigns. Just think about it: with the right keyword targeting and segmentation, your clients will see your firm on the first pages of the search engine results.

4. Up your content marketing game.

Content is still king, and you can harness its reach by making sure that your web pages, blog posts, and press releases are well-positioned. Content marketing is your opportunity to establish your authority in the field of law, so be sure to invest time and resources for this marketing effort.

By discussing legal issues and providing insight on some of the current issues in the news, you’ll be able to keep an active presence online while still drawing attention to your firm. Plus, you don’t have to be limited with just written blog content–you can engage with video, podcast, or photos too.

5. Enlist the help of internet marketing professionals.

Need help with the execution of all these marketing campaigns? You can enlist the help of internet marketers, such as Black Fin, to do the work for you. Experienced and well-trained, they can take care of your website, its content, your social media presence, as well as your SEO campaigns. With a team of web designers, content creators, and lead generator analysts, you can be sure that your firm will be in good hands.

These professionals can help you map out a cohesive and comprehensive marketing strategy, and even assist you in its execution. For a law firm that is as busy as yours, this kind of support may just be what you need.

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